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Dr. Solina Richards is the cofounder of S.A.F.E...spiritually and financially empowered, a provider of spiritual ministries and leadership seminars. It is designed to teach, broaden, and establish spiritual discovery and growth. It is also designed to teach basic and advanced principles leading to financial strengthening among men, women, and young adults. She is an author, speaker, and minister. She has over 20 years of experience as a spiritual leader, trainer, and entrepreneur. She is also a Certified Faith-Based Clinical Counselor.

Dr. Solina was born in Washington, DC and later grew up in Virginia. She is a writer, whose books address subject matters including marriage and relationships, personal deliverance and healing, and entrepreneurship. She has been the keynote speaker both in the religious and secular arenas. She has Bachelor's in Political Science (Magna Cum Laude), Master's in Public Administration (Honors Graduate), Doctorate in Theological Studies, and is completing other degreed studies in public policy and Christian counseling. Dr. Solina holds certificates in diversity training, Family Engagement in Education, Christian Marriage Counseling, Relationship Workshop Facilitator. She has also been featured in Who's Who in Black Raleigh/Durham.

She is authentic, energetic, and dynamic. She is most notably known for transparent and intuitive delivery of any message she delivers. Having endured an abusive and failed marriage, she speaks from her experiences which fuel her passion to help other women and men break free from the emotional bondages they are in or have suffered from.

Dr. Solina is now married to her husband, Cornell Richards, Sr. for over 35 years. They frequently minister and train together.

*Women's Empowerment Speaker
*Faith-based Clinical Counselor
*Certified Christian Marriage Counselor
*Mental Health First Aid Responder
*Diversity & Inclusion Management Coach
*Relationship Workshop Facilitator 
*Marriage Seminar Facilitator
*Leadership Trainer
*Ordained Minister